Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

As you can see, I decided to give my blog a make-over. As much as I loved the previous background, I felt it was a little formal and dark for my current vibe. I've chosen this colorful and spring look to match the season and my attitude.

The school year is wrapping up. I've finished all my major papers and projects. I'm getting forms signed off by my advisors and all signs are pointing to GO! I'm closing up shop on my grad school adventures, and I must say I'm a little nostalgic. The past 2 years have been a wonderful here at UT-D. I've had some really neat clinical experiences in a variety of settings. I've had some great teachers, professors, and advisors. I've met some amazing friends and I've learned a lot. Don't get me wrong...I'm totally ready for my first job. I just am very blessed by the experience that God led me into.

Coming to UT-D was a risk for me. I was not familiar with the program at all and I knew no one who had been there. (Remember, I'm from Illinois.) My University of Illinois was looking just fine to me, however I couldn't stay there because it just wasn't an option for Ross and I as we were getting married and finding the right job for him. The only thing that UT-D had going for itself in my mind was that Ross's sister lived in Dallas and she had good things to say about it. Of course, I was still a skeptic in my head because how could anything top the U of I program??? I was comfortable there...I knew what to expect...I knew my teachers...I was established there as being a good student and a good clinician. Now I had to leave that behind and start from scratch?? Well, I can say confidently that UT-D has exceeded all my expectations. It was different than I expected but in a good way. I won't say that I didn't experience stress...however I know that the stress I had here was SO minimal to what I would have had in Illinois. When I left U of I, I was able to start over. No more competition with myself and others. I was free to be myself and UTD really fit my personality. Let me explain...Speech Pathology majors are typically very Type A personality. Overachievers, highstrung, super organized, and on top of everything. Now I have some characteristics of Type A in that I like my work to be complete and done well....however I am meant to be laid back. UTD has a large enough program that I just felt like I could be myself and not conform to what every other girl was doing. I have even found several girls here who are like myself which has been so great! In conclusion, I could not have imagined a better grad school experience and I am so thankful that God brought Ross and I here. He really works in mysterious ways and I could go on and on about all that He's orchestrated in our lives by bringing us here, but that's for another blog and another day.

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