Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prayer in School

Since Ross and I were in Illinois for Christmas we missed the white Christmas in Dallas, but little did I know we would have a White Valentine's Weekend!! And yes...I am starting the weekend early because I was just informed that our school is cancelled for tomorrow, yippee!! No school Friday and no school Monday for Presidents Day!

I just want to share a cute little story about something that happened at school today that just made my week. :)

Today at school we showed our parents how much we love them by having a "We Love our Parents Party". Strange name for a party, I know, but I didn't come up with was school-wide. The kids and I had been preparing crafts and snacks for this party all week. We had the picture frames painted, the Valentine Hearts made, , our special song was perfected, and the sugar cookies were all ready to be iced. All we had to do now was pass the time until 2:00 when the parents were supposed to show up. I decided about an hour after lunch that we needed to take a little quiet/rest time so we wouldn't be too restless for the party. As we all cuddled up together (my 5 little boys and I) for a rest, one student asked if he could say a prayer for all of us. Of course, I said "that would be a great idea". And he proceeded: "Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for my mommy and daddy and for letting them come to my school for the party, Amen.". And as simple as that was, it was the most precious and unexpected thing! All of the students got quiet (very unusual) and listened. Then another student said can I pray now? Then he bowed his head, and said some prayers under his breath and ended with a resounding AMEN! (As you are reading this...remember that I don't teach at a Christian school.) Then each of the students asked for their turn...however the rest of the "prayers" started with "Once upon a time..." and ended up being about Scooby Doo and Mario and Sonic. Nonetheless, they all just made my day! How precious are my little preschoolers??

Have a wonderful WHITE weekend!