Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to my Pre-Primary classroom!

Hello blogging world! How I've missed you! I took a little summer hiatus, but now I'm back! It's been a very fun and busy summer and I have lots to blog about but what's on my mind tonight is my classroom. I want to give you a little tour! I've finished setting up my room just in time for Parent Orientation tomorrow evening.

Here's a photo of my circle area. This is where all the action happens. As you can see, we have our extremely LONG schedule (made exclusively with my best friend Boardmaker) to provide the kiddos with predictibility. They function so much better just knowing what's coming next. They certainly don't like surprises, so anything special or "different" will always be designated on the visual schedule.

Here is my reading nook. I just LOVE this little white picket fence that sections off this area and makes it more secluded. My kiddos will also use this area to take "breaks" if they become dysregulated or overwhelmed. I have a little basket of sensory items to help calm them including stuffed animal, fidgets, skin brushes, lap pads, etc. I hope to eventually round out this area with a bean bag, body pillow, and a listening center.
Here is my tree, the highlight of my summer! My sweet husband Ross freehand painted this fabulous mural for me. Even more recently he has added little wood boards to look like a ladder climbing to the top. It's so precious! It really makes my wall easier to look at all day long and ties the room together so nicely.
Here you can see all my cabinets and the cute little cubbies. Also, note the country cottage inspired valances. Another new addition for this year. I have Ross's grandma to thank for these creations. They seriously make the room look like a whole new place! I love them!

So far I have 6 kids enrolled for this year...once again ALL boys. I'm very excited to be able to work with them and see them grow from little acorns into Oak trees! Tomorrow is our Parent Orientation and I'll get to meet all of the parents for the first time. I'm a little nervous as I know they'll be looking me up and down and wondering if I'm capable of teaching their little ones and if they can entrust them to my care. I am just praying that they will see my heart and know that it's my passion to work with them and I'll do all I can to help them succeed.