Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kids say the Darndest Things

With the school year winding down, I'm beginning to think how much I'm going to miss my little class. Sure I've had my moments where I've wished it all away and felt totally ready to be done with this year, but really in the grand scheme of things I've learned so much from my little guys this year. This was my first class ever and I'll always remember them. It's actually going to be really hard for me to see them move on to Core K since I feel so connected to them. Now, I know you've all seen or heard of the Bill Cosby show, "Kid's say the darndest things" and it's totally true. I wish that I had kept a daily journal of the funny things my boys have uttered this year because I just can't remember them all. So, in an attempt to remember some of them I'll start sharing more of them on here so I'll always have them in my archives. Here are a couple from last week that were particularly hilarious:

1. I gotta get someone to fix my cough! I gotta get an archaeologist!

2. Me: ___ was a hard worker today! Child: Yeah, and ____ was a soft worker!

And lastly, a conversation I'm not too proud of, but nonetheless it's pretty funny coming from a 5 year old....

3. Multiple kids: Mrs. Barry! Mrs. Barry! Me: Wait a second, There's only one of me! Child: Why did you say there's only one of you? Me: Well, there's only one Mrs. Barry. I wish there were two, but there is only one. Do you think we should have two Mrs. Barry's? Child: Yeah, I wish there was a good Mrs. Barry.

And then I got a hug. I think (and hope) he was joking. :)

Last week, we took our 3rd field trip of the year and I brought them to the Frontiers of Flight Museum over by Love Field. It was totally awesome and I will be sure to bring my class back every year. We took a 15-20 minute guided tour of some helicopters, airplanes, satellites, and even got to get inside a real Southwest Airplane and get in the cockpit (well, 1/2 of an airplane anyway). Then we played in the coolest little play area that had a bunch of kid airplanes to climb in and a big bounce house. It was great! We have one field trip left to take this year. Any suggestions for something easy, not too big, not too expensive, and not too over-stimulating?