Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday Fun

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post! ;) I keep waiting for something really interesting to happen, but then I remembered that my blog can just be about everyday life. And everyday life doesn't have to be blow-you-out-of-the water exciting to be interesting or special. In fact, good things happen everyday and it's good to find the golden nugget that each day brings.

Today is Ross's Birthday!!! He turned 24. :) We had a great weekend of celebrating in different ways. On Friday, we went out to Rowlett to spend the night at his parents' home. I attended a Women's conference at Stacy's church (Church in the City) and Ross hung out with his dad. The next day we had lunch at a little Italian Cafe called Palio's with all the family and then headed home.

At the last minute Ross and I decided to have a party to celebrate his birthday and me being done with school so we invited all of our small group and a few others over. We were so blessed that so many people were able to come since it was so last minute. We seriously have the best friends. They are all so thoughtful and genuine. We had about 13 people over to our apartment and we made Sangria which was a huge hit! It was our first time making it, but it was totally refreshing and delicious.

On Sunday, we had church and then saw the matinee of X-men Origins: Wolverine which we both enjoyed. Then we had dinner at Cowboy Chicken (one of our sweet spots) with Monty, Melanie, and Abram and then hung out at their place while working on centerpieces for Melissa and Joseph's baby shower.

We definitely had a fun filled birthday weekend with friends and family. As we dive into another week, I pray that I can cherish the nuggets of joy that God puts in our life each day and treasure our everyday life!

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  1. That was so much fun! It was great seeing you guys!