Friday, April 10, 2009

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Yesterday was a big event for me. I had my first job interview ever! In my opinion, I think I did pretty well and they (4 interviewers at once) seemed to like me. I was nervous beforehand, but surprisingly once I started talking I felt pretty relaxed and just tried to focus on "selling myself". I felt a little weird talking about myself for 45 minutes, but hopefully they got a good feel for who I am. I was able to go on a mini-tour of the school and it was really cute. It wasn't as large as the school where I completed my internship which I thought was a nice feature. All of the ladies who interviewed me (principal, lead SLP, counselor, and SpEd director) were friendly and seemed like they would be nice to work with. I will find out their decision early next week.

As a Speech Pathologist, I have several possible work settings to choose from: schools, hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, home health, private clinics, and more. We also can work with people across the lifespan (birth to death). My particular area of interest right now is in Pre-K aged children which is one reason I'm leaning towards a school setting. Public Schools offer a program called "PPCD" or "preschool program for children with disabilities" and that's currently one of the settings in which I'd like to work. In this type of setting the SLP collaborates with the General and Special Education teacher to teach the class. It's kind of a co-teaching experience. Some of the time I would teach the class and other times the teacher would teach the class. In this set-up I am able to target goals in a group setting as well as individually during "center time". I love that the SLP in this position is able to be fully integrated in the classroom setting because this provides optimal generalization for the child since they are learning in their natural/classroom environment as opposed to pulling them out of the classroom.

Ross and I have an exciting weekend ahead of us. Having a little picnic with his family today, church tonight, and going to the Cards game with the Parker's tomorrow. I wish you all a wonderful Easter Weekend! He is Risen...let's celebrate!!

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