Monday, April 20, 2009

Running with endurance...

This weekend I participated in the Go! St. Louis 5K run with my sister. It was far from my best performance, however it was so fun to run with Dana. It was our first race that we've done together. I was very proud of us for running the whole thing since neither of us had been training for it. It took a lot of positive speaking and encouraging each other, but we made it through without walking. We were supposed to be running with our cousin Kate, but the poor girl came down with strep throat among other things and could barely hold her head up let alone run! She had been the one who had been training hard for the race, so I'm hoping she can find a race in the next few weeks so she can reap the accomplishment for what she has been sowing the past few months! You can do it, Kate!!!

Sorry no pictures for this post! I'm too tired to upload anything tonight, but hopefully I'll get some up soon from the race and from my friend, Joanna's baby shower. Peace out for tonight, ya'll!

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  1. So proud of you Emily! You are an inspiration! I'm gonna get my running shoes out... :) Have a great week!