Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More baby shower!

For some reason I couldn't get these pics to post in the other post. So, 2 blogs in one day, lucky you! :)
The diaper cake-who would have thought, edible diapers, mmm!
Lindsey and Melissa sampling some of the strawberry cupcake goodness. Aren't they precious?
All the preggos at the shower. My friend, Jane @lifeontherowlandranch (black v-neck shirt) is on her 7th! Keep this super-mommy in your prayers as she is due any day. I look up to this woman and her husband so much. Isn't she gorgeous?

And finally, a pic of all the hostesses with Chelsea.

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  1. Awww..Emily...I'm blushing and giggling. You are so sweet to me! Thanks for the compliment and most of all for being my friend. :) You are gonna make an INCREDIBLE Mamma some day! Love you!