Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hi friends,
As April is nearing, I'd like to ask you to revisit my recent post about "3ELove" and consider pledging your vote for the Pepsi grant. Actual daily voting will begin April 1st. I would LOVE to have as many people as possible pledge their vote prior to April and to motivate you I'd like to have a GIVEAWAY!!

If you leave a comment on my 3E Love post (or this post) you will earn 1 (one) entry into the giveaway drawing.

If you follow the provided link and pledge your daily vote and tell me that you pledged your vote, you will earn 1 (one) entry.

If you share this link on either your facebook, twitter, or blog and tell me about it you will earn 1 (one) entry for each place you share the link.

All in all you could have up to 5 entries in the giveaway drawing. So please pledge your vote now and comment on my post by Wednesday at the latest!!

By pledging to vote, you are doing your part in starting the conversation about the social acceptance of people with disabilities! So, thank you for your involvement!


  1. i followed the link and pledged! :)

  2. Looks like Dana is in the lead for the giveaway! I'll announce the winner on Monday so get voting!! 3E Love is currently teetering between 11th and 10th place, let's move it up to top 5 this week!