Monday, September 20, 2010

Faith like a Child

How often have we been told to have the faith of a child...always trusting the Lord and taking Him at His word? And doesn't the Bible tell us "Don't be anxious about anything, but pray about everything. Tell him your needs and thank Him for what he's done"? And still I find myself being tenderly reminded by God on a daily basis what this actually looks and sounds like. That's right...the Lord has placed a special student in my class to ever so gently show me certain areas in myself that need some work. This student is eager to be open about his faith, full of compassion, quick to pray in times of trouble, and never ungrateful or forgetful of the things God has given us. Before each mealtime and snacktime, he never fails to thank God for providing us with our food. When another student gets hurt or becomes upset, this little guy is always first on the scene to extend a prayer of healing and comfort. Just the other day, in one of my not so graceful moments, I backed into a tiny guy, knocking him over and into a wall, before he even had a chance to squeal, the prayerful child immediately petitioned to the Lord to make the fallen child feel better. I am so encouraged by this little guy's fervant faith and I thank God for His creative ways of teaching me lessons.


  1. Children often are closer to the Truth than we are. I have stories I can share with you about my youngest son and the moments of grace and encouragement he shared with me as a youngster. While as teens many of our tiny theologians seem to be removed from their faith, the foundation remains. The Lord possesses their hearts forever. And it's so sweet when they are pure of heart as little ones who are ready to share His love with all those in their path. Keep that little one in your prayers always. It's not easy for these tiny prophets to remain public with their faith as peer pressure invades their space.

  2. love it!!! kiddos are soo smart and sweet!

  3. Oh so precious =). I love when kiddos have such pure hearts.